Sheep Unit Study

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.. Mary had a little lamb; it's fleece was white as snow...
It followed her to.. oh wait! Mary is homeschooled, so they didn't break the rules and instead the sheep played at home with Mary all day, allowing Mary to interact and bond with the sheep.  Mary learned so much more than expected.  Remember that the benefit of home education is that we are not barred by the usual restrictions.  Have fun and be creative with your approach.

Here is an outline of my sheep lesson plan:

PICTURE BOOKS: (links given are for reference only; these books are often found at your local library)
- When Sheep Sleep
- Where is the Green Sheep?
Baa Baa Black Sheep
- Sheep in a Jeep

- Sheep Facts
- Sheep by KidCyber

- Color the Lambs
- Baa Baa Black Sheep Reading Sheet

- Toilet Roll Sheep  
- Cotton Ball Sheep
- Paper Bag Lamb

- Sheep Facts for Kids
- Sheep Shearing
- Charlie the Shearing Kid
- Small Child Playing with a Sheep
- Lambert the Sheepish Lion

- Sheep Herding (credit: 
One child plays the role of the sheepdog while the other children pretend to be sheep. The sheepdog must catch the sheep (who must crawl on the floor). When the sheep lie on their backs, they are safe; the sheepdog can't catch them. If a sheep is caught while he/she is crawling, he/she becomes a sheepdog too and helps the other child catch the remaining sheep. The game ends when there is only a single sheep left.

- Lay Down the Sheep Balloon Game (credit:
Before class blow up ten balloons and draw faces on them for sheep. Roll up several layers of newspapers to make a "Shepherd's staff" and tape them closed. Spread out a green blanket or green paper at each end of the room for the "green pastures".
Place the balloon sheep in the middle of the room on the floor. Pick two children to be the shepherds and give them each a "staff". Designate them each a pasture at one end of the room. Before each round remind the children that their sheep need rest and they should make their sheep lie down in the green pastures.
On the word "go" the "shepherds" try to get the sheep onto their pasture to lay down. Players can use any of the sheep that are not on the green pastures. But any sheep that is on the "green pastures" can not be touched by the other shepherd. The game ends when all the sheep are laying on the "pastures". The shepherd who has the most sheep laying down on his "pasture" wins the game. 

- Why You Can't Bleach Sheep
- Wool Sock Science Experiement

- Knit a wool item of your choice
(Beginner Knitting Tutorials)
- Scientific Study of Sheep