Skip Middle School the Game Changer

This workshop was taught in the 2016 Ultimate Homeschool Bootcamp, April 2016.

How can you turn 4 years of school into one preparation year? Discover how to leverage the time after 5th grade to prepare your children for higher learning, and completely skip middle school. Skipping middle school is NOT about rushing your kids through. It's a unique leveraging tool to help your child succeed at their own pace and never be "behind" again. Whether they have special needs, or if they are gifted, or just a "regular" kid - it works for everyone. This is a total game changer! Come and learn how to rethink education for your children who are heading to middle school and high school. Bring the family - this presentation is very popular with dads, teens, and pre-teens!!

More about Dianne McLean:

Dianne McLean

Dianne has been homeschooling since 2003. She has worked with thousands of homeschoolers and hundreds of homeschool groups to pioneer social activities, help form group policies with leaders, and participated in issues which affect the homeschool community as a whole. Her approach is always practical and effective. She also specializes in working with middle to high school level groups to help prepare for college entry and is familiar with the latest developments of Common Core and how it is affecting future college students. She directs a national support organization, Home Education Council of America; and has developed numerous other websites to help home educators in their efforts. Dianne has been leading online seminars, webinars, and classes online in an innovative online setting to offer live interaction no matter where you live in the world. You can connect with her at Home Education Council of America.

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Ateba C says

Thank you over and over! My question to you is, are we able to download the PDF version of this webinar?



    HECOA says

    There is no pdf version of this webinar, however you may watch it as many times as you like as a Plus Gold member.

Rachael ward says

If I'm teaching Language Arts through math and history to a middle-school aged child can I legitimatley call it 9th grade English? If I'm not using an official curriculum what guidance can you offer for how to make sure something is high-school level?

    HECOA says

    I did another webinar last month called “Ditch the Grade Levels – Teach Mastery”, which outlines how to teach and prepare your student for high school and college.  It talks about how to tell if you are at the high school level.  This is also found in our member archives.  You cannot legitimately take middle school level work and put it on the high school transcript, however you can take high school level work and record it on the middle school transcript as an advanced middle school course – while simultaneously recording it on the high school transcript as a high school level course.

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