Social Communication.. Not Socialization

Do you have a child or young adult who struggles interacting with others or just isn’t quite sure what to do in unstructured settings with peers?  He really wants to make friends but has a hard time knowing how?  Social communication skills cover a broad range such as using eye contact, understanding emotions, turn taking, body language, knowing how to change conversational topics, and more.  There is a great deal to know and understand.  Sometimes kids & teens need a little bit of assistance.  You are already teaching all kinds of skills in your homeschool; yes, you can teach this too.

More about Anne Fister:

Anne Fister

Anne Fister is a certified Speech/Language Pathologist with twenty years of experience working with children’s communication skills.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree from University of South Alabama and her Master’s degree from Florida State University.  Living in the Tucson area, she is a homeschool mom of two very active boys and is married to her best friend, Mike.  For many years she enjoyed a full-time career in speech therapy but currently considers her primary work to be loving and supporting her family.  She has always felt it is a privilege to assist children and their families through direct therapy, consultation, and training.  Anne is grateful for the opportunities God has given her to use her skills to support others.

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