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As the new year approaches, we are all faced with making decisions.  Parents who homeschool with special needs, may take this opportunity to recharge and to empower themselves to take on another year.  This challenge is often underestimated and overlooked.  We acknowledge your incredible efforts!  There is no greater expression of love than to press forward through trials for the good of your family.  We at HECOA, invite you to attend this inspiring conference that will prepare you for a rewarding year of homeschooling, and will allow you to take a step back and find a more meaningful perspective on the impact of special needs.

Completed Presentations

Monica Irvine
Monday, Dec 2 at 8am Pacific
(9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

Teach Your Children Social Skills without Constant Correction
So You Can Restore Peace in your Home

Parents, do you feel like you say the same thing over and over again without change? Do you feel like you and your child have a constant stream of animosity between you because you are in a constant state of correcting? Do you worry that your relationship with your child is never going to be the close, trusting, loving relationship that you dream of? 

It's time for a change. It's time to do things differently. It's time to think differently about your responsibility and their responsibility. Come and join Life Coach and Certified Etiquette Instructor, Monica Irvine, as she walks you through 7 steps that will change everything. Don't miss this! You and your child need this.

Jenny Layton
Monday, Dec 2 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

Organize Your Self

...With all we have on our to-do lists, we often find ourselves at the bottom of the totem pole. But the secret to getting organized is to organize your SELF. As the machine that makes everything else in your life go, organizing your self is the best organizing investment you can make. Learn simple and surprising ways you can reclaim control and find time for what matters most.”

Jillian Newkirk
Monday, Dec 2 at 2pm Pacific
(3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Homeschooling and Your Twice Exceptional Student

Do you have (or suspect you have) a child with a disability who is also gifted or highly intelligent? Then this presentation is for you! We will discuss the reasons why giftedness makes school so challenging, strategies to increase engagement and cooperation, and the mindset you need to help keep your sanity! I always leave time for questions at the end for your specific situation! This is your chance to ask your burning questions to a therapist that has helped families of 2e kids around the world!

Jean Burk
Wednesday, Dec 4 at 8am Pacific
(9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

Free College Can Happen For Your Student:
Learn how any student can receive amazing scholarships as well as FREE college

Have you ever been told that your student won't be able to go to college? Disregard the naysayers and learn how your student can make $500 an hour for college? Although it sounds too good to be true, it’s possible to earn this much in scholarships for college. Author, Jean Burk, will teach you two important concepts: how to get into the college of your choice and how to find the scholarships to pay for it. You will learn methods of
receiving substantial scholarships that go beyond tuition and may include room and board, graduate
school, and money to study abroad! Unlock the keys to learning how free college can happen for you!

Julie Bogart
Wednesday, Dec 4 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

The Secret to Breakthroughs in Writing

Programs, curriculum, homeschool gurus—they all miss it. Yet it’s so simple! Find out what professional writers know about writing instruction that educators often miss. You’ll walk away from this seminar knowing exactly what to do to change the dynamic around writing in your family…for good. In fact, you can turn your writing program around in one step, once you know what it is and follow through. The good news is: anyone can apply this principle to writing (you don’t have to be an expert writer yourself). By the end of the session, you’ll have an 8-week writing plan to use right away—no purchase necessary! End the hand-wringing and tears for good.

Kathleen Cotter Lawler
Wednesday, Dec 4 at 2pm Pacific
(3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Math Myths, Math Anxiety, and Math Learning Challenges

Is your child facing learning challenges? Does your child have math anxiety? And what myths are we talking about?? Children with learning challenges must truly understand in order to remember. The traditional approach of teaching mathematics does not work for them. In this workshop, you will learn some teaching strategies and techniques that will help children with learning challenges, reduce math anxiety, and debunk the myths that make your task harder than it needs to be.

​Steve Demme
Friday, Dec 6 at 8am Pacific
(9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

I'm a Homeschooler of a Special Child: Q&A with Steve Demme

An interview with Steve Demme regarding his experiences and lessons learned as a homeschooling parent of a child with special needs.

Cristine Rainer
Friday, Dec 6 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

Finding the "Why" of Behavior, and What to Do About It

Identifying the needs and deficits your child has in order to parent compassionately and reduce problem behaviors

Heather Laurie
Friday, Dec 6 at 2pm Pacific
(3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Homeschooling the Sensory Intense Child

Does your child bounce constantly? Will your child refuse to touch scissors or even their pencil? We discuss Sensory Integration Disorder and what it means to our homeschooling. Practical advice and ideas from a mom who has lived on the sensory roller coaster for years, and if pushed I would have to admit to having sensory issues myself. How to adapt your learning environment to help your child thrive!

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