Spider Unit Study for Preschool (FREE printables and instructions)

How can we let Halloween approach without having a SPIDER WEEK?!  I have been so excited for Spider Week since it is a great way to wrap up Charlotte's Web, which we finished reading a few days ago.

Below is a general layout of my Spider Unit for preschoolers. (Links attached to most listed items.)

Enter your text here...^^^I created this printable because I felt the unit study needed an assignment that encourages creativity.  It occurred to me that most preschoolers are familiar with the song "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."  This printable allows for young children to fill in their own ideas and create their own version of the song. Your child can dictate their ideas to you, and it does not need to rhyme or make sense. That's part of the fun! Don't forget to sing it out loud for your students. 😉 Enjoy!

- Rolling Ball Web Tracks
- Hand Print Spiders
Paper Spiders
- Spider Snack (see image)

- Netflix --- Scholastic Storybook Treasures: Amazing Animals (Includes Diary of a Spider)
- Spider at Work (YouTube video)
- Banana Spider Making Web (YouTube video)

- Make a web from yarn (Cooperation & Self Worth) You need multiple participants for this one.
- Spider Ring Game (Math & Probability)
- Spider Web Walking (Coordination & Balance)
*Great link to a blog with 30 Spider Activities for Kids