Strategies for Implementing Effective Leadership in Teens

This workshop was part of our Monthly Speaker Series.

July 2016 Speaker

Ian Cox

Wednesday - July 13th at 12pm Pacific Time (1p Mountain / 2p Central / 3p Eastern)

"Strategies for Implementing Effective Leadership in Teens"

What is the grand purpose of education? How will getting a leadership education, or reading a bunch of books, actually help your teens in the "real world?" How do you increase your teen's chances to increase their income opportunities by getting a superb leadership education? How will a leadership education actually help your teen to accomplish their passions and life purpose?

If you've ever pondered questions like these, then join us in this live presentation! Ian Cox will discuss his journey through answering these types of questions as well as digging into some fantastic historical examples of people who went through the same process.  Come learn how to help your teen define what it is they want from their life, learn from great men and women who have and have done what your teen wants to do, and then teach them how to pay the price and do the work to achieve it.  Teens are welcome to join in this presentation - please make this a family event!

NOTE:  The live presentation has ended.  The recording is below.  If you have difficulty viewing the recording, either change browsers or tell your browser not to attempt to open it in another window.  Either one will solve the issue.

More about Ian Cox:

Ian Cox is at the Leader rank in the Life Leadership company (, and he teaches Leadership, Classics, and Innovative Thinking for high school students at Colesville Academy in Cedar City, Utah. Ian is a featured speaker for Thomas Jefferson Education ( and runs a one-on-one Mentoring Service by phone and online for youth and adults seeking a quality, classical leadership education.  Ian mentors students and business men and women of all ages and levels. He has mentored, both individually and in classes, book discussions, speech and debate, simulations, writing, economics, history, classical math, personal mission discovery, and classics—all mixed together with whatever fascinating tangential topics come along.
Ian is a popular keynote speaker at educational and business events. He loves reading, basketball, and discussing deep ideas on history and political science. Ian and his wife Emma have one child

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Strategies for Implementing Effective Leadership in Teens
This workshop was part of our Monthly Speaker Series. July 2016 Speaker Ian CoxWednesday - July 13th at 12pm Pacific Time (1p[...]
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