Are you an expert?
Do you specialize in an area of education?

Home Education Council of America is looking for experts in any field of home education, and if you have experience, homeschoolers want to hear from you!  We are always looking for speakers on home education topics, as well as helping home educators maintain healthy and happy homes, and rejuvenation and renewal techniques as well.

- Choose to do a live presentation (you can schedule more than one) using a webcam, microphone, and high speed internet connection. 
- Choose to present a series (must be exclusive, not offered anywhere else).

Our experts consist of people with varied backgrounds and beliefs. Some are parents who simply want to share their knowledge and expertise, some are professional educators or therapists, and some are curriculum or product vendors who truly care about helping the homeschool community with free seminars and workshops. 
Wherever you are on the scale, if you have any expertise that you wish to share, we would love to consider you as a speaker!

Seminars can be live or pre-recorded.  Certification is not required.


To apply for the panel of experts, please complete a request form and we'll send you the application instructions.   

Join our prestigious panel of homeschool mentors!


Andrew Pudewa
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Dr. Shanon Brooks
Donna Goff
Mentoring Our Own
Dianne McLean
Ian Cox
Leadership Mentor
Steven Spivey
Writing Express
Steve Demme
Math U See
Diana Waring
Dr. Jay Wile
Tresta Kay Neil
Keystone Education
SJ Barakony
Service Before Self Leadership
Matthew Blackwood
Unlock Math
Jim Weiss
Storytelling Mentor
Pat Hade
Social Student Athletes
Marlene Peterson
Libraries of Hope
Lynn Dean
Hands On Homeschool Resources
Kim Hoyer
Factor X Solutions
Nancy Fileccia
A Journey Through Learning
Jean Burk
College Prep Genius
Israel Wayne
Family Renewal
Greg and Rachel Denning
Worldschool Academy
Kevin Strong
Real Life Advantage
Thom Neil
Keystone Education
Rachel DeMille
Thomas Jefferson Education
Oliver DeMille
Thomas Jefferson Education
Dr. Maria Droujkova
Natural Math
Alesia Blackwood
Unlock Math
Audrey Rindlisbacher
Ten Boom Institute
Cheryl Horton
Dale and Michelle Bartlett
Have Kids Will Travel
Tori Ann Perkey
Building Heroes Academy
John Notgrass
Notgrass Curriculum
Charlene Notgrass
Notgrass Curriculum
Ray Notgrass
Notgrass Curriculum
Chris Yust
Homeschool Programming
Molly Christensen
Building Heroes Academy
Leslie Josel
Order Out of Chaos
Tina Hollenbeck
Homeschool Roadmap
Julie Bogart
Deborah Burns
Medical Transcription
Donna Ashton
Waldorf Education
Ethan Demme
Math U See
Kathy Lee
Homegrown Preschool
Shiloah Baker
Homemaking Cottage
Dr. Rebecca Keller
Real Science 4 Kids
Donna Vail
Live Learn Love More
Ethan Demme
Math U See
Karen Campbell
That Mom
Dr. Sanford Danziger
Mary Ann Johnson
Home School Coach
Jacqueline Smith
History Specialist
Heather Laurie
Special Needs Homeschooling
Julie Matthews
Patrick Nurre
Geology Specialist
Heidi Totten
Inspire the Sprouts
Brian R. King
ADHD Specialist
Jenny Layton
Professional Organizer
Laurette Lynn
Shelby Smith
Lesli Richards
Homegrown Preschool
Candy Matheny
Samantha Barnes
Raddish Kids
Nicholeen Peck
Teaching Self Government
Martha Levie
Kathy Kuhl
Special Needs
Carrie Andrews
Special Needs
Maria O'Neil
Special Needs