Symbology - Increasing your memory and comprehension 

Why can't he remember what I taught him?  He should know his times tables by now!  What is one thing you can do to increase memory and/or comprehension?  Learn symbology!  This is a 5-part workshop and you will learn basic, simple symbols, along with the practical uses and the individual application of basic shapes and colors.  You will discover the necessity of sequence and order.  Each class will be one and a half hours for five days, as if it is a continual story.

  • First day:  one simple tool:  storytelling
  • Second day:  two very big opposites that effect your decisions
  • Third day:  three: the catalyst in many situations
  • Fourth day:  four elements that make up our thought process
  • Fifth day:  five steps to solve any problem

These concepts appear to be simple and perhaps even shallow but I can guarantee that they are amazing and can be very deep.  You and your children will be blown away at the concepts these simple symbols can have in your life.   They will help increase comprehension in any age, bring greater understanding, improve memory and develop personalized application.  The principles taught are personal and can be life changing (for the better).  In preparation for this class you may read the first chapter in “String, Straightedge and Shadow” and for the fifth class watch Donald Duck: Mathmagic Land,

You will:

  • receive 5 ways to find symbols and links in everything you study
  • gain a greater love for math and science
  • learn a bit about the history of mathematics and the Hebrew language
  • learn how to think mathematically and in symbols
  • learn how music and math and the constellations are connected
  • learn how to use simple symbols to increase your comprehension

Beware:  This class may change how you see everything!

Below is where you will access the replays of the September 15-19 series with Tresta Neil on Symbology - This is a 5-day series, each session is 90 minutes.  You will want to have handy a drawing compass, a pencil, a straight-edge or ruler, and some paper!

More about Tresta Neil

Tresta was raised under the New Mexican sunsets and loves Mexican and Navajo food. She learned about the miracle of the body in nursing school at Weber State. After living in four different states she calls Utah her home. She is becoming well educated while homeschooling her eight children. She remains hungry for knowledge about symbols, rituals and patterns within the scriptures and the ancient Hebrew and Persian cultures. She is the author of “God Saw That It Was Good”, “The Theology Tree” and co-directs a popular Homeschool Conference in Utah with her husband, Thom. Her passion is teaching and writing. If she had to choose only one subject to study she would study the stars. If you ask her about her most embarrassing moment she will tell you a story about sitting on a cactus.

You can connect with Tresta and Thom Neil at:​

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