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Photo Puzzles

Puzzle Me a Picture! What would happen if you take two things that people love, photos and jigsaw puzzles, and mix them together? You would get an invitation, gift, or party game that no one could resist and everyone will love. Photo jigsaw puzzles are easy to create and will leave a lasting memory time […]

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What is a Unit Study

We frequently get asked about various methodologies of home education.  Unit Studies is one way that home educators incorporate many academic goals into one area of interest. Bookmark

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Gardening and Home Education

Gardening & Homeschoolingby Dianne McLeanPlant a garden, watch it grow. That’s usually one of the top 10 activities that new home educators think of doing as an activity with their children. Home education takes patience and nurturing, as does a garden. The two go hand in hand. You learn a lot about life when you […]

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