Teens – Being Positive May be Easier Than You Think

Being Positive May Be Easier Than We Think – For teens and their parents

Presentation by Dr. Sanford Danziger 

This eye-opening workshop allows people to see that we can influence and control our attitudes and emotions—much more than we may have realized. It is fast-paced, entertaining, humorous—and very interactive.  Participants will create an Action Plan for using the new insights in every area of life: relationships, school, work, parenting, stress reduction, and simply having fun.  Participants will watch a short video and then discuss a series of interactive, eye-opening questions.   (People do not have to actively “discuss” to gain the benefits of the workshop.)

This is part of our teen track, but is especially effective if parents attend with their teens. 

Jay Wile

Sanford Danziger, MD, MPH

Sanford uses his background in medicine, psychotherapy and education to demonstrate that, “being positive is easier than we may think.” He authored four books on education and personal development and was a staff physician in the Peace Corps, working in community education on three continents. His Masters degree is in health education and behavioral change. Twenty years ago he founded TRP Enterprises, Inc., to teach and demonstrate the role that attitude and positive thinking play in a healthy emotional, mental, and spiritual approach to life. The TRP work is used extensively in businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations.  Sanford and his wife, Beverley, home schooled their (now adult) son for twelve years

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