The 6 Advantages Which Lead to One’s Greatest Factor for Success

This workshop was taught in the 2016 Ultimate Homeschool Bootcamp and again in our Monthly Speaker Series in June 2016 - it is now part of our Plus members archives.

The most asked about and talked about presentation that drives attitude and effort, better results, deeper relationships, and greater overall success. This presentation is perfect for parents, teens, and tweens! Through research, application, and material from his highly rated book, Being Wise, Kevin gives a captivating presentation. He combines humor and illustrations with business insight and analysis. He will show that when we have blocks and limitations that we can't see but everyone else can, it prevents us from being at our best and unleashing our inherent potential. By shifting our perspective from 6 detriments to 6 advantages, we gain the "Real Life Advantage." Attendees will be entertained and come away with concrete and easy to implement steps to improve.

More about Kevin Strong:

Kevin Strong is a personal development expert, business innovator, and author of Being Wise.  He uses humor and illustrations with business insight to show individuals and organizations how they can unleash their inherent potential.  He is a relative of Steven Covey and has built 2 businesses and worked in sales and management for several years in a Fortune 500 Company.  He is known for his life changing presentations that deliver easy to implement steps to self-improvement and business success, using humor and memorable stories.

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Can I get Kevin's email? It isn't showing up on the replay page.

    HECOA says

    He gave it in the video.  When I have some time, I can watch it back for you and grab it.

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