The Family Chunk Clock System

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We all know what it feels like to create a new family schedule. We make it beautiful, color code it and introduce it with fanfare to our families. And then in two weeks we have quit using it. There is a sense of failure and this happens over and over. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a system of time management that worked in busy families? Well, there is and it is called the Family Chunk Clock.

In this presentation participants will learn:

• Why traditional time management doesn’t work in a family

• What the Family Chunk Clock is

• Why scheduling around tasks rather than time works

• How to use time “chunking” to create feelings that you want in your family

• How to “return” when emergencies and disruptions happen

• How to prioritize what really matters to their family

• Receive an audio and PDF to walk them through creating their own Family Chunk Clock

More about Mary Ann Johnson:

Mary Ann Johnson is passionate about families. She is a speaker, trainer, workshop leader and writer for parents who have chosen to home or public educate their children. She has seven grown children, a dozen grandchildren, is the founder of four businesses and is the creator of The Spark Station and Rockin’ Spark Station Packets. Mary Ann teaches parents how to order themselves so they can order their families, to experience more fun, inspired learning, connection and joy.  Mary Ann is currently the CEO of Home School Coach LLC and Family Connection Mentoring. Mary Ann has her masters degree in education, and has worked with thousands of children over a 40 year span and hundreds of home and public school families. You can connect with Mary Ann at:

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