A Field Trip to The Getty Villa

Along the beautiful coast of Southern California, just across the
road from the beach, is the enchanting Getty Villa Museum. It is a
fabulous collection of art, gardens, and architecture inspired by
Ancient Greece.

I took my children to explore this museum when we were studying
Greek Mythology, and it was the perfect place to enhance their
experience of Greek Heroes and Myths.
To visit this hidden gem, you must make a reservation online for your
group. Admission is free, but parking is $15 for the day.

To get to the parking structure, we drove up a private cobblestone
road that had beautiful landscaping. Just entering the structure, made
us feel like we were in for a treat.
The employees were very helpful and excited to see that my children were
familiar with Greek Gods and eager to learn more. My kids dressed the
theme, so they were feeling quite at home in Ancient Greek surroundings.
The tour guides were also very knowledgable and enthusiastic about the
topics. I was impressed with everyone there.

The Getty Villa is laid out to look like Ancient Greece, complete
with a semi-arena. The steps called out to my kids and they enjoyed
climbing up and down the stadium. Near the restrooms, we stopped and
took in a serene view of lily pads floating in a man made pond. It was
little things like that, which made the whole experience more authentic.
The museum portion was filled with gorgeous works of art and
sculptures, paying tribute to Greek Gods and Heroes. With my little
ones, I had to keep a close eye to make sure they didn’t get near the
art. But with the baby in my carrier and holding my toddlers hand, it
wasn’t too stressful.
The Family Forum was my kids’ favorite spot! There, they were able
to design their own Grecian vases with dry erase markers and make crayon
rubbings of Greek symbols. My baby found building blocks to build his
own vase. And my personal favorite, was the Greek Shadow Theatre; here
everyone has the opportunity to grab a sword or mask and create their
own shadow play, for others passing by. This section was very welcoming
for children to explore and play with hands on interactive activities.

The Gardens are the best place to get gorgeous pictures of your
visit. We saw many professional and amateur photographers taking shots
here. The long walkways with Greek murals were a wonderful sight and I
loved watching my kids stroll through them happily.

We stopped and took in as much information as the kids could
absorb. We found many interesting facts and stories scattered
throughout the Villa. What really makes these trips valuable is
actually being there. I could tell we would all remember more about
Greek Mythology from seeing the works of art in person and experiencing
the activities first hand.

The Getty Villa was one of the best museums I have ever been to,
because of it’s rich culture and art content. They maintain a relaxing
atmosphere and a peaceful place to take in the views and gain knowledge.
We went on a weekday during the school year, so there were very few
people there. In my opinion, this is the best time to go and experience
the museum. Definitely worth the visit if you are in the area!