The Hero’s Journey in Literature and Life

My hero's journey as a homeschool dad has taken me from the ordinary world of the public school system into the belly of the beast of the special world of homeschooling and I've returned with a life-giving elixir to share with you to help see you through it.

You've probably heard of the Hero's Journey as identified by mythologist Joseph Campbell in his seminal book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. You may even have heard that George Lucas consciously created Star Wars using the Hero's Journey as a template for his story. But are you aware of how prevalent the Hero's Journey is in literature, and how powerful a pull it has on the psyche and why? There's a reason it's also known as the Monomyth: it is present in human stories, real and imagined, across time and space and in all of human history, including in the story of your own life. 

This presentation will teach you how to identify the Hero's Journey in literature and in life, including in homeschooling life, and in the lives of the great men and women the homeschooler loves to learn about. In the cavernous depths of the lives of these great men and women, be they real or fictitious lives, lies a hord of hidden treasure. Joseph Campbell once quipped, "the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." Join the journey—the Hero's Journey! But first, come get the map to see you successfully through it!

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Christopher Hurtado

Known in HECOA circles as "the love of literature guy," Christopher Hurtado, formerly a college English, Philosophy, and Political Science instructor, is a full-time stay-at-home homeschool dad and the founder of Models of Excellence, offering homeschool teens an online instructor-led Classical education in the studia humanitatis model of the Renaissance.

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