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Dr. Shanon Brooks - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dr. Shanon Brooks is a co-founder and president of Monticello College. He has over twenty years experience in teaching and the administration of entrepreneurial higher education organizations. He is the former president of George Wythe University and a founder of the Center for Social Leadership. Dr. Brooks is the co-author of A Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, a Master’s degree in education, and a PhD in constitutional law. He lives in Monticello, Utah with his wife Julia and their children. He loves hiking and the great outdoors.  His favorite toy is a backhoe.  He is passionate about libery, liberal arts education and the organic concept of Georgics.

Topic: "The Liber"

In ancient Greece and Rome, there existed two distinct classes; the slave class and a class I call, the Liber. Liber is a well-used word of antiquity. Its use and meaning range from the botanical definition of the inner layers of tree bark (also used in writing and recording history, law, and contracts), to being the root word for libro, library and liberty. In this sense, it refers to the concept of liberty being the result of a specific kind of education and learning, and that liberty is not just the absence of bondage but the fitness of an individual to be a citizen.

This system of liberal arts education can be traced to its origins as far back as Pythagoras and Plato, up through Augustine and the Schoolmen to modern times. But this sort of education does not only encompass political freedom, it includes personal, social and generational economic freedom, freedom from ignorance, poor health, hubris and pride. It promotes deep thinking, exploring the truth of all things, and leadership with the desired end result of becoming our highest self.

The Liber are those who truly lead society, especially during times of poor institutional leadership, because they know how to think, solve problems, and make hard decisions.  

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