​The Mystery Spot
By Jen Holmstrom

Your mind will be blown away when you hear about this spot in Santa Cruz, CA - There is a specific location identified to be a gravitational anomaly. At this location the laws of physics and gravity are challenged and the things you can see will change your perception forever!

The Mystery Spot is only 150 feet in diameter. Discovered in 1939 by land surveyors, this mysterious location provides many amazing things to witness. At this spot, visitors are able to lean at a much deeper angle without falling. That alone would be a fun activity to do, but the tour also shows other incredible activities. You can roll a ball up a hills and objects are able to sit on walls.

The original owners of the spot only purchased it along with other land to level the ground and build a cabin. They had observed discrepancies in compasses there and had experienced light-headedness at that location. They had described it as a feeling of “something trying to force us right off the hill.” Similar to the Bermuda Triangle, this spot has sparked stories and theories of aliens, government conspiracies, or paranormal activity. All in good fun.

This tourist attraction has been revealed to enhance the feeling of gravity oddities, by using optical illusions. The structure is shaped and tilted in a way to make things seem to lean further. The anomalies may not be as incredible as they seem, but the experience is still loads of fun and leads you to think on a different level of curiosity. It may even encourage your children to look further into magicians and illusionists!

Arranging a field trip to The Mystery Spot would be a fantastic addition to any educational project. Beside the obvious correlation with science, math, and geography, it would be fun to challenge your child to write a creative fictional story regarding the origin of The Mystery Spot or how it affects people. This trip could be inspiration for a fabulous science fiction novel. You might even be tempted to challenge your skeptical child to research physics and illusions and report back to you debunking the Mystery Spot myth. Overall, The Mystery spot is a fascinating place to visit. It is bound to open your child’s mind to possibilities and keep them asking questions.

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Stacye N says

I visited this place when I was twelve & never have forgotten what a fun, thrilling & mysterious adventure it was! I have told my 6 year old about it many times & will definitely take him there.

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