The powers of laughter sense of humor and play

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“People who have access to their sense of humor in the midst of stress are much more resilient. They are emotionally more flexible, and can bend without breaking in the midst of the most difficult circumstances.”

“Laughter sets the spirit free to move through even the most tragic of circumstances. It helps us shake our heads clear, get our feet back under us and restore our sense of balance and purpose. Humor is integral to our peace of mind and ability to go beyond survival. “

A sense of humor is seldom taught as an educational subject. But it is a very valuable tool that can be learned! It is something we all can develop, and implement in the home. It is attractive, relatable, increases one’s coping ability, lightens the atmosphere and creates memories. Join Shelby, a professional actress, improvisationalist, mentor, trainer and speaker as she shares the little known ESSENTIAL (and free!) tools that can be implemented in every home, immediately. No shipping costs. No hidden fees. Just yummy results.

More about Shelby Smith:

Shelby Smith is a homeschooling mom, trainer, mentor, actress and play enthusiast! She desires to influence others for good through love, laughter and learning. She has had several body language trainings, has graduated from several courses in mentoring and presenting, and has acted in several full length films (two Christian films she played lead roles in!), commercials, music videos and ad campaigns and is an active and founding member of the premier SE Idaho improvisation performing comedy group called ImprovUnderground, where she gets to tap into her inner child and continually practice and enjoy the value and healing powers of play. “Just like your body diminishes without exercise, the spirit diminishes without play.” Shelby was born in Pocatello, ID and lived there until she met her handsome hubby and moved away with him to Oregon while he attended Optometry school. Golden and Shelby now live with their 6 children in a country home on 5 acres in Rigby, ID. On this little “farm” they have had sheep, goats, cows, a horse, chickens, cats, dogs, fish and a turtle – those are just the tame animals.

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Amanda Maloney says

I would love some game ideas!!!  I have lost touch with the fun me, I feel empty inside and lost for ideas when it comes to having fun.  I was so moved by your message, it was just the key I needed to unlock the fun door.  Thank You and I can't wait to get some ideas for having FUN and connecting and growing.


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