The Relationship Connection

How the quality of your relationships will make or break your homeschool and the 3 simple things you can do everyday to keep your relationships strong

More about Blaine Rindlisbacher:

Blaine Rindlisbacher

Since rescuing their own marriage from the brink of divorce, Blaine and Audrey Rindlisbacher have become intensely passionate about what makes successful marriages work. Their commitment to experiencing the BEST marriage possible has driven them to spend the last 12 years studying what makes marriages work.  Because Blaine wanted permanent answers, he spared no time or expense - while providing for and raising a family of 6 children, he paid the price to go through both a lengthy  Liberal Arts Bachelor's Program and an intensive marriage and Family Therapy Master's Degree program at Liberty University.  Then he went on to combine these degrees with his previous study, his personal experience and his couple's coaching practice, and was able to uncover the GREATEST SECRET to obtaining and maintaining a happy marriage - the 12 PRINCIPLES! Blaine and Audrey have worked together to found "Adore Your Spouse" and have made these 12 principles available to every couple through their ground-breaking free class: 3 Steps to a Happy Marriage.

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