The Sweater Years – Finding Comfort in Finishing Well

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This workshop discusses the various seasons of a woman’s life, her responsibilities in each season, how she can prepare for the changes, and how to enjoy the “season of comfort” or the “sweater years” as they come. Included in this topic is the discussion of caring for elderly parents, nurturing your marriage as you prepare for an empty nest, and preparing for the emotional changes particular to women. I believe these are some of the most crucial topics facing homeschooling moms as they face the end of their homeschooling careers.

More about Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell is a graduate of Judson University with a B.S. in Human Relations and Secondary Education. She and her husband, Clay, have been married for 40 years and live in Illinois where they spent nearly three decades homeschooling their six children and now enjoy their 14 grandchildren who are also being homeschooled. She is the author of The Joy of Relationship Homeschooling ~ when the one anothers come home and her articles have been published in Searching Together, Midwest Christian Outreach Journal, Breakpoint, Crosswalk, and on the Home Educating Family Blog. She is also a regular contributor to Home Educating Family Magazine and Dear Magazine. Karen is actively involved in Toastmaster’s International where she won 1st place in the District Humorous Speaking competition with the story of a homeschooling mom who mummified a chicken! She blogs and podcasts mom encouragement at

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Sandra Jones says

Thank you so much! This was very helpful and encouraging! 

Kim Huitt says

I am so inspired Karen.  I am changed.  Thank you. You share with such grace and sweetness.  I also hopped over to your website and feel so cozy and at home there.  Thank you for your ministry.  

Blesssings and peace,

Kim (wife of 19 years, mom to three children, daughter to my parents and father-in-law and my sweet mother-in-law passed away last October from dementia). One of my daughters said after watching us take care of grammie…"now we know how to take care of you when you get old mommy." 

Lynn Derryberry says

This session was a blessing, Karen.  Thank you so much for your personal examples and helping me as I teach my teens at home, yet also feel like the older mom from Titus 2 in our suppport group because we've been doing this for many years.  Your comments gave me an appreciation for the role God has me in, and reminded me to bring a relational focus to time with my own children when they seems to want distance.

Lynn Derryberry, Georgia


camille apicella says

What a blessing! Closing into my sweater years and am honestly worried. But thank you for sharing your heartfelt wisdom and insight. 

Keeping God's heart at the center of your homeschool will leave us with no regrets at the end. 

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