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Nephi Zufelt
Monday, March 29 at 10am Eastern
(7am Pacific, 8am Mountain, 9am Central)

Being Creators in a Consumption World

We live in a world of consumption where it is commonplace to sit and consume hours and hours of content (Netflix, video games, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) every single day. As a society, we are losing our ability to create and produce because of our tendency to consume. This class is not intended to teach you how to avoid consumption through screens and social media. Instead, we want to focus on teaching ways that you can change your usage of modern technology from consumption to creation. The tools we have been given are amazing, but we absolutely must use them to create and produce in lieu of using them as tools of consumption. We will discuss strategies to change our use of technology and introduce the production/consumption ratio.

Greg & Rachel Denning
Monday, March 29 at 1pm Eastern
(10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12pm Central)

How to Facilitate Life Changing Experiences for Your Family

Jillian Newkirk
Monday, March 29 at 4pm Eastern
(1pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain, 3pm Central)

Bribes vs. Incentives: Are You Encouraging Negative Behavior?

The school day hasn't even started yet and you are wondering how you are going to get through the day. It seems more days than not, you are battling to get work done. If they would just focus, they would be done so quickly... but instead, they dawdle around, stare off into space, and/or push back on every. single. question. Is it possible that you are actually encouraging this behavior in your children? In this talk we will discuss ways you may be encouraging your child to be inefficient with their time and/or to not do their work, as well as, strategies to turn things around!

Kim Hoyer
Tuesday, March 30 at 10am Eastern
(7am Pacific, 8am Mountain, 9am Central)

If You Can Dream it...You Can Do it

What do you dream about? Being a dream teacher? Getting your kid/s into a great College, Career, or Business start-up? Starting a business yourself? Traveling the world? Paying off debt? Being fit?  
What do you spend your days dreaming about?
No matter what your dream is, with the right tools and environment, you can do it!
Don't wait for another year to go by with you being no closer to your dreams and goals than you were last year.
You can move from where you where you want to go.
Join Kim Hoyer with Stand Up Now for this energetic session on making your dreams a reality.
Kim will break it all down for you. He will give you an easy to follow step-by-step process with some useful templates, exercises, and support, to help you get your dream from your head into your world.
One of the secrets that will be covered is showing you how to sort out and re-tell the unhelpful 'stories' you keep telling yourself. You will be shown how to reframe these stories and then move forward, so you can: accomplish more, get the results you want, and ultimately live the life of your dreams.
If this sounds like the boost and education you need, mark this session, put it in your calendar, and we will see you soon!

Dr.  Rebecca Woodbury
Tuesday, March 30 at 1pm Eastern
(10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12pm Central)

Critical Steps to Teaching Real Science

Learn proven methods to teach fundamental science concepts and procedures that actual scientists use. This course highlights the importance of proper sequencing and the value of inquiry-based education.

Megan Thomas
Tuesday, March 30 at 4pm Eastern
(1pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain, 3pm Central)

Your Family is Your Business

Why are some families thriving while other families feel like they can barely keep their head above water? In this presentation, you will learn some amazing skills to help your family to be extraordinary. I want to help you learn how to educate your whole child and help them to be thriving, independent, and happy people.

Christopher Hurtado
Wednesday, March 31 at 10am Eastern
(7am Pacific, 8am Mountain, 9am Central)

Introducing Kids to the Classics

Why introduce kids to the Classics is the most important question I’ll answer in this presentation. As for when, kids can be introduced to the Classics much earlier than is commonly assumed. How to introduce kids to the Classics is easier than most think. In what order and in which translations to introduce kids to the Classics is something I’ve had to work out over years. Attend to learn find out why when, how, and in what order to introduce kids to the Classics for their greater benefit and your greater ease.

Jean Burk
Wednesday, March 31 at 1pm Eastern
(10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12pm Central)

Secrets to the Scholarship Search
(Learn the keys to easily finding and receiving college scholarships.)

There are 24 billion dollars’ worth of scholarships each year. Learn how to find money from the cradle to cap n gown. Discover key words to search for little-known scholarships and find out the key that the library holds to unknown money. No matter how old your child is, you can’t miss out on the money that is available NOW!

Donna Goff
Wednesday, March 31 at 1pm Eastern
(10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12pm Central)

Homeschooling and Preschoolers

Essential areas to consider in preparing your preschooler for learning.
Tips for moms homeschooling older children and meeting preschoolers' needs.

Steve Demme
Thursday, April 1 at 10am Eastern
(7am Pacific, 8am Mountain, 9am Central)

Keeping Our Refrigerator Well-Stocked

Jesus was able to love well, because He was loved well. Our connection with our Heavenly Father equips us to love our family well. We can only give what we have received. When our own refrigerator is filled with grace and God’s unfailing love, we are divinely enabled to extend grace and God’s love to our family.

Kathleen Cotter Lawler
Thursday, April 1 at 1pm Eastern
(10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12pm Central)

Fractions: Misunderstood by Most

Fractions are often misunderstood and feared by children and parents. Come to this presentation and find a better and clearer way of teaching fractions. Fractions are, dare I say, fun when they are taught the right way. So what is the right way? Come find out and uncover the simplicity and beauty of fractions.

Tina Hollenbeck
Thursday, April 1 at 4pm Eastern
(1pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain, 3pm Central)

So Much Curriculum! How Do I Choose?

With literally hundreds - perhaps even thousands - of curricular options from which to choose, homeschool parents (newbies and veterans alike) often feel completely overwhelmed with the task of finding appropriate resources for their children. But Tina Hollenbeck, owner of The Homeschool Resource Roadmap (a free, comprehensive listing of homeschool-oriented resources), can help! In this seminar, Tina will use sample charts from The Roadmap to discuss various parameters parents should use in narrowing their options. Participants will come away feeling much more able to choose wisely for each of their kids.

Dr. Jay Wile
Friday, April 2 at 10am Eastern
(7am Pacific, 8am Mountain, 9am Central)

Why Homeschool THROUGH High School

Homeschooling parents are often faced with a difficult decision when their children reach high school age. Typically, the parents feel they are just not able to teach the more demanding courses that are required at the high school level. As a result, many parents feel that they must send their children to school for a proper high school education. In this seminar, Dr. Jay L. Wile, a former teacher at both the university and high school levels, will explain why such a decision is not in the best interest of the student.

Using data gathered from many different sources, including his own experiences, Dr. Wile demonstrates that homeschooled students are better academically prepared and better socialized than their publicly- or privately-schooled counterparts. These facts allow Dr. Wile to make a compelling case that the best thing for a homeschooled student is to stay in homeschool, regardless of the parent’s academic abilities.

Greg & Rachel Denning
Friday, April 2 at 1pm Eastern
(10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12pm Central)

Raising Boys (and Husbands) To Be Real Men

Donna Goff
Friday, April 2 at 4pm Eastern
(1pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain, 3pm Central)

The Power of an Hour is a Gateway to a Classical Education

You would be amazed what you can teach all of your children in an Hour a Day.
How to homeschool your children together, even though they are different ages.

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