Time-Bending for Busy Moms

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Does life sometimes feel overwhelming to you? How do you do it all? I get asked that a lot, and I usually say "I don't!" But I do balance a lot in my life, including marriage, 7 children from toddler to young adult, homeschooling, healthy living, home business, church, and more. And life is good! I'm a real person who did not grow up naturally organized, I have learned some great tricks and a new mindset that I want to share with you. You too can learn how to "bend time" to have all the time you need! This presentation will include Christian references to God as a higher power, however it may be applied to any faith.

More about Molly Christensen

Molly has been homeschooling her 7 children ages 4-21 for 15 years. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has founded multiple co-ops including Aspire Scholar Academy. She has created mounds of curriculum and taught numerous classes for youth and adults including leadership, Latin, science, and math. Her current projects are a K-5 family-style curriculum at www.buildingheroesacademy.com and she also trains and mentors parents in her "spare" time at mentoryourkids.com. She has a talent for taking many pieces and pulling them together into one big picture and sharing that vision with others. She is passionate about encouraging, mentoring and training other parents in their life journey!

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