To the Mom Who Thinks She Can’t Homeschool

This is a message to the mom who thinks she can't homeschool...

No, not the mom that has a negative opinion about homeschooling.  Maybe this opinion includes "lack of socialization" or "homeschooled kids are weird."  She is entitled to her opinion. 😉

No, not the mom who has specific circumstances in her life that prevents her from homeschooling, such as work, child custody issues, or medical problems.  She is doing the best she can in her current situation. XOXO

No, not the mom who prefers not to homeschool. She has looked at the options and made a decision for her children that she is confident about.  That is awesome and wonderful!

I'm talking to the mom who says things like, "I could never do that..."

     - I'm not patient enough.

     - I'm not educated enough.

     - I'm not creative enough.

In my experience, these are the things I hear the most!  I have met so many moms who say "I would love to homeschool BUT..." and then one of those three reasons related to inadequacy.  Rubbish.  This breaks my heart! Because guess what?...YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Here are some important things those self-doubting moms should remember:

     1) Mothers are educators by nature.

Somewhere along the line, moms started becoming convinced they were not qualified to educate their own children.  How did this happen?  We are mothers.  Mothers are incredible women who suddenly have amazing abilities to protect and provide for their family.  A mother's purpose is to raise her children.  What does it mean to raise a child?---To educate.  Think about that.

     2) Moms are just as qualified, if not more qualified than the best teachers out there.  

The biggest thing parents look for in a good teacher is for the teacher to care about their students.  As the mom, you've got that covered. 😉 You love your children more than anyone ever could.  You know them better than anyone.  And you want the best for them.  The rest is just finding educational resources, which is easy thanks to the internet.  Trust me, teachers get the same information that you have access to.

     3) If you are patient enough to be their mom, you are patient enough to be their teacher.  

For some reason, some moms think that sending the kids off to school is absolutely necessary to keep their sanity.  Myth busted!  Nowhere does it say that having the kids in school will solve your frustration problems.  It doesn't.  As human beings on this earth we all experience hard days and we often find ourselves on the brink of insanity.  Especially moms!  It's a tough job, but you can do it.  I have found that the hardest things in life are the most rewarding.

     4) Creativity is a muscle.  You can exercise it and become a creative rockstar.

I am proof that this is true.  Before I had kids, I had never thought of homeschooling.  And I never considered myself a creative person.  But once I started researching homeschool and the options (which are mind-blowing), I started thinking more and more "outside the box."  I saw ideas and methods that other moms have utilized and I started borrowing them.  I probably have yet to come up with an original idea, haha.  But sharing ideas and piecing together different types of curriculum has become much easier for me.  It's been a lot of work, but I love it now and my kids are having a blast with the ideas I find for us.

     5) You are enough! As a mother, God has blessed you with abilities beyond your understanding.  Trust your instincts and trust in Him.

I'm sure it isn't a coincidence that almost every homeschooling mom I've met has a strong faith in God.  On social media, one of the biggest responses I see to homeschool dilemmas is "Pray."  Those of us who choose to homeschool know that homeschooling is hard and that the best thing we can do is seek guidance from God.  It helps. I promise.  And I promise you are enough.  Don't let anyone (including yourself) convince you that you are not adequate as a mother.  You are.

    I don't think public school is a bad choice.  And I definitely don't think that homeschool is the universal answer.  I aim to empower and inspire the moms who want to homeschool, but think they can't.  If you are one of these moms, contact me! I want you to know you are not alone. I would be happy to give you advice on the subject and make you aware of your options.  God bless! xoxo