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Natasha Opare says

Hi, I have been taking Diane’s course on skipping middle school and loving it! She talks in that course about Gold members being able to have a video conference with her to discuss family preparations for high school graduation and college. I’d really like to take advantage of that if it’s still available!
Our family has two almost middle schoolers whom I would like to prepare for high school and college, but we have an additional wrinkle: we intend to move overseas in the next year or two. We will be moving to west Africa, where my husband is from. The education system there is not really something I am worried about, I imagine we can fly under the radar. I dont mind if our kids dont complete education requirements in Ghana. But I do want them to be ready for a university in the United States.
I’d love to chat with someone experienced with high schools and colleges in general, if that possibility still exists. Please let me know what resources might be helpful! You can teach me at Thank you for this great information!

Natasha Ohene Opare

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