Print this list of daily affirmations so you can read it every morning and get an extra boost to start your day!

1. I will make mistakes, and that’s okay.

2. The decisions made by other parents do not need to dictate mine.

3. I’m not the perfect parent, but I’m exactly the one my children need.

4. If I do nothing today besides hug my kids, then I have done enough.

5. My parenting is judged not by what my children do, it is what I do.

6. I can, and I will.

7. There’s value in showing my kids my vulnerability.

8. I accept my children just as they are.

9. Today I will be an intentional parent.

10. As I teach my kids, I’ll also be open to the lessons they can teach me.

11. I am a competent parent, and I trust in my abilities to lead my children.

12. I will choose to be happy, because it is good for my health.

13. I am stronger then the challenges before me.

14. I will let go of the things that I cannot change, and focus on the things I can.

15. I accept that I cannot control how others act, but I can control how I react.

16. Today I will be the type of person I would like my children to become.

17. I am the most important influence in my child’s life.

18. I accept that I am a work in progress, with room to grow.

19. I am fulfilling the greatest, and most difficult, calling in the universe.

20. I am enough.