Top 10 Ways to Engage Students in Writing

Top 10 Ways to Engage Students in Writing at Every Grade Level! 

Presentation by Steven Spivey

One of the toughest subjects for a homeschool parent to teach is writing. In this action packed, interactive workshop, Steven will give you hands-on proven techniques for teaching writing that you can immediately implement to make a difference in your student(s) writing today!

You will learn how to teach:

* A step-by-step method to improve student writing

* The buttons to push to get dynamic language out of students

* Exciting Activities to promote literary structures and Show-Not-Tell exercises

* Games to generate language awareness and facility

* How to make your writing program more fun for the students and you

* How to make the reading-writing connection come alive

* How to put students writing into 4 wheel drive

* How to engage mature thought development at the sentence level, paragraph, essays and beyond!!

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Steven Spivey

Steven Spivey, president of Writing Express, left corporate America in 2012 to carry on his father’s legacy. Trained by Dr. William Spivey, founder and creator of Writing Express, Steven is a passionate teacher, writer, and keynote speaker. He received a BS in Speech Communications from Bradley University. Steven and his wife Nancy travel across the nation to help create a “Writing Revolution.”

Steven offers Professional Development and Writing Workshops for homeschoolers and teachers to immediately improve the quality of student writing from K-University.


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