Training Tomorrows Leaders Today

Training Tomorrows Leaders Today - 
Preparing your teens for success can be a daunting task.  Learn how you can meet the challenges of guiding your high school student toward a successful future by developing research, organization, self-motivation, and critical thinking skills as well as providing a well-rounded college preparatory education without YOU having to know everything.


Cheryl Horton

Cheryl Horton and her husband Jon have five home educated children and reside in Toledo, OH. The oldest has graduated from college and each child is continuing education or serving full time in their community. Their family has been active in Homeschooling since 1998. Cheryl has taught college preparatory classes in world history, multi-cultural literature, government and civics and IEW at multiple co-ops. She works with curriculum development and enjoys teaching children to think critically and creatively outside the “textbook box”. Cheryl has traveled widely and brings a unique perspective to education.

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Cheryl invites you to join her at:

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