Training Up a Child and How to Have a Clean Homeschool

Training-Up a Child: How to Have a Clean Home School - 
Do you struggle to keep a clean home? Are you tired of the "Chore Wars?" Does your home drive you to distraction? Do you feel guilty when teaching your children because the home is not running smoothly? Do you periodically stop everything to ditch the guilt by cleaning home, only to feel guilty because you are not spending time enriching your children's minds? Do you want a simple system to train children of different ages, manage daily clutter, and deep clean while being sane? This is a modern dilemma and you are not alone!  This is possible with some simple strategies.

More about Donna Goff:

"My husband, Roger, and I are parents of seven children (four sons and three daughters). We are also grandparents to thirteen grandchildren (three granddaughters and ten grandsons)! We have home educated our children since 1983 and we are still in the trenches." Donna loves to be a wife, mother, and grandmother. She also loves frugality, learning, creativity, living providently, gardening, hiking, creating stained glass murals, oil painting, writing poetry, research, and sharing! BA Art '80. MA Ed. ‘08.  Donna is owner and The Homeschool Mommy Mentor at She has presented at dozens of home school conferences in California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Virginia, since 1995. She created the Mentoring Our Own Yahoo Group in 2002. Donna founded a private cyber-school and cottage school / home education hybrid in 2002. In 2009, Donna and her daughters Julia Groves and Jennifer Walton co-founded Princess Academies, which later became Royal Academe, and finally Mentoring Our Own.

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