Transitioning HFA from homeschool to independence

High Functioning Autism: Transitioning From Homeschool to Independence

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December 6, 2016 - Special Needs Conference

"In a 2008 study of 200 families with transition-age and adult children with an ASD, conducted by the University of Miami/Nova Southeastern University CARD, 74% of the respondents were unemployed and 74% of those employed worked less than 20 hours a week. Most studies indicate that 75-85% of adults with Asperger Syndrome do not hold a full time job." - Tackling the Unemployment Crisis for Adults with Asperger Syndrome, Marcia Scheiner

As scary as those statistics are, they don't include other diagnoses which are also considered high functioning autism. In this session, we will talk about concrete methods to better equip your kids for employment.

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