Unapologetically Scientific (Biblically oriented)

Home education provides such a wonderful opportunity when it comes to studying all that the world of science has to offer. What’s more, you can approach it from the view that everything we see was planned carefully by a Creator who meant to be included in that study. 

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List of Books Recommended by Patrick:
 - Geology for Little Eyes
 - Volcanoes, Volcanic Rocks and Earthquakes
 - Geology and the Hawaiian Islands
 - Geology and Our National Parks
 - Geology for Kids
 - Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Cave Men
 - Rock and Minerals: The Stuff of the Earth
 - The Geology of Yellowstone
 - Bedrock Geology 

More about Patrick Nurre:

Patrick Nurre

Patrick Nurre was in the second grade when he made his first big find – a large dinosaur bone in the alley behind his house! That was the beginning of a life-long love with geology. Raised in beautiful Montana, he spent many days rockhounding near the Big Horn River. This early interest led him to a lifelong study of the world of geology. Patrick has done field study in the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest and Plains states, the Southwestern U.S., and Israel. He conducts geology classes and seminars in the Seattle area, and speaks at numerous home school events on geology, the Genesis Flood, and our young earth. He also leads a variety of geology field trips every year, including Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier, and an annual trip for families to Yellowstone National Park, where he helps folks discover the Biblical geology of the park. Patrick is the vision behind Northwest Treasures, a 501(c)3 corporation, devoted to creating excellent geology kits, curricula and education for all ages. To help in this endeavor, Patrick has written several textbooks on geology (preK-12), and a rock identification field guide. In the fall of 2012, he opened the Geology Learning Center, a museum/educational center in the Seattle area. Patrick and his wife, Vicki, have three wonderful children and one grandson, and live in Bothell, Washington.

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