Welcome to the HECOA Mentor Workshop Series!

Although we do host several special events throughout the year, we have in past years featured various speakers and member workshops based on member feedback during the months we do not have a conference going on.  

You MUST be a HECOA member (Basic membership is FREE) to access these special presentations (Basic members have access to the live sessions only). If you are a member - LOG IN at the very bottom or very top of this page. If you are not a member, you can register as as FREE Basic member today and never miss a broadcast!

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a cost to attend the live speaker series? 
No.  All live events are free to attend but you must register.

How do I register? 
You must have a HECOA membership (Basic membership is FREE).  Be sure to follow all the steps through registration including confirmation, and setting up your user name and password for the HECOA site so you can access future live events.   NOTE:  Some events do NOT come with membership. Those that do not are noted in the description above if applicable.

What if I get a message that I am already registered?  
Then you are already a member of HECOA or already registered.  If login is required, please check your login credentials as soon as possible, and if you cannot log in to the website, please contact us ASAP so we can help you get logged in.

I can't remember my login credentials. 
First try requesting them at the login panel and if that does not work then please contact us and we will help you.

Do I need special equipment to attend?  
No. Most home computer connections will work just fine. If you have a wifi connection, you can watch from any mobile device.  If you can't see the video playing at live time, switch browsers.

Where do I get the information on how to tune in to the live sessions?  
Once you have registered, you will receive details in the welcome email on how to access member areas. You can access the monthly series from your member home page, or by clicking on the links on this page after you have logged in.

What if I don't want to continue my free membership with HECOA after the event?  
Simply unsubscribe from our weekly newsletter.  This will remove your login privileges to the website and remove you from our mailing lists.

Do you sell my data or give it to the speakers?  
Never.  Speakers might invite you after their presentation to continue a relationship with them on their website, and you are free to do so at your will.  However we NEVER give them your information.

Do you have a list of speakers for the entire year?  
We release the next speaker about 30 days prior to their engagement.

How do I get access to past recordings of speakers I may have missed?  
We have over 350 hours of recordings available in our Plus member archives.  Simply upgrade your membership from Free to Plus Silver or Plus Gold, and start accessing our growing library of homeschool resources!

How does a speaker get on your schedule to speak?  
Start here: https://hecoa.com/support-hecoa/speak

May I share this information with my homeschool friends? 
Absolutely!  Please share it on all your homeschool groups, emails, social media, and everywhere. We have buttons on this page to make it easy for you.

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