Using Online Music Resources to Enhance Your Homeschooling Curriculum

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Monday - September 19th - 11am Pacific time

This workshop will be taught in the 2016 Not Back to School Summit - REGISTER HERE for live access!

It has been well-documented that studying music has a unique way of developing the brain and enhancing quality of life. But how can music lessons fit into your routine and budget? Join Joseph Hoffman, MM, creator of, to learn how to use online resources in your homeschooling curriculum - even if you have never played a note before!

More about Joseph Hoffman:

Joseph Hoffman

Joseph Hoffman fulfilled his dream of starting a music academy in 2007, two years after graduating with a master's degree in music from Brigham Young University. What began as private piano lessons taught in his living room has since grown to become Hoffman Academy, with a staff of fifteen music teachers who provide piano, voice, and guitar lessons to over 300 students in the Portland, Oregon area. In 2010, Joseph saw a need for affordable, accessible music education and began creating free online video piano lessons, available at , which have garnered millions of views. Through these video lessons, Joseph's own piano method, which combines comprehensive music education, engaging teaching techniques, and emphasis on solid practicing habits, has helped thousands of children and adults all over the world realize their dream of learning to play the piano. Today, his online lessons are used by many homeschoolers as well as part of a comprehensive music education.

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Wendy Ray says

Thank you for including this presentation in this Summit!  I have a daughter who couldn't bear piano lessons, but through small and huge miracles over the next 10 years she has become joyfully fluent :self-taught.  The key learning principles she has identified in her learning experience are very similar to yours!
It is a JOY to see others identifying these principles and sharing them.

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