What are the Cycles of History

Do your children understand that history has cycles?  From sociological patterns to patterns of war and peace, these cycles are not only interesting, but if you understand them you can help make changes for the better.

Understanding and being able to recognize patterns of history, you can more accurately predict outcomes.  What if those outcomes are historically not good?  What can you do to change them?  Or can you change them at all?

We have invited, Jacqueline Smith, an excellent constitutional speaker and historian to share with the homeschool community in a 2 hour workshop, all about the cycles of history.  
This was the most amazing presentation we have ever seen on history and its cycles.  Anyone interested in history should watch this class.

Jacqueline Smith is mother to 5 beautiful children, and currently homeschools her youngest four children.  The family raises pigs, chickens, and has a bee hive on their property. Her main focus is raising her children, serving in her church and community, and raising awareness of Constitutional principles through education. Her formal education included Weber State, The University of Utah, and George Wythe University.  She is currently adjunct faculty for Monticello College, in Monticello, Utah.  Jacqueline has served as a State Delegate many times, and is the current Summit County Republican Treasurer, and member of the State Central Committee in Utah.  She served on the Freedomworks Tea Party Debt Commission in Utah, and was a candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for Utah’s 1st District in 2012.

She is an expert in the Cycles of History and generational patterns.  She believes that if people understand where we are in history, they will step up to the plate and be part of the solution.  This is our crisis and we can create a great new founding.  She looks forward to watching the new HERO generation rise up and do the right thing.  We only get one chance in every life-time to make a difference.  This is her time.  She and her husband believe that freedom can win with enough like-minded educated individuals on board.

Jacqueline taught the following workshop on cycles of history, and the webinar replay is now available for upgraded Plus members (you need to be logged in): 

The Cycles of History — THIS IS A TWO HOUR CLASS
aired Sept. 20th – https://hecoa.com/cycles-of-history-2

History can seem boring if you don't see the bigger picture.  This class will take you on a journey through American history and show you patterns that will clearly point to what is ahead.  While we look at a small piece of history for the sake of time, this pattern can be traced back over 300 generations.  You will learn what it means to be a part of the archetype that is called the Prophet generation, the Nomad generation, the HERO generation, and the Artist generation.  You will be able to recognize the role you must play, and your children must play in the coming years. This class will prepare you mentally to be a light to those around you.  It will give you real ideas to stay positive and productive during the coming crisis. You will be able to recognize leaders, or become the leaders needed in your area.  This next cycle will likely be a world event.  This class is taught from a Biblical Judeo/Christian Worldview, but other world views will be discussed briefly.

Jacqueline also taught two additional workshops which can be accessed below:

Education in America, Re-Value America
aired Sept 9th – https://hecoa.com/revalue-america

As a homeschooler, you understand you don't want to be part of the mainstream public education system.  Sometimes it is harder for our friends and family members to understand.  After all, most of us were educated in the public system.  This class will help give credibility to the decision you have made, as well as give you more information.  Do you really understand how much education changed since the early founding?  Come and learn why you want to teach differently, and make sure YOUR homeschool is aligned with principles that actually bring out the genius in your children, create FREEDOM again in America, and produce happy, productive citizens and families.

Financial Freedom Creates Political Autonomy
aired Sept 25th – https://hecoa.com/financial-freedom-creates-political-autonomy

We will help you understand the banking system, money, and basic financial literacy.  Recognizing how wealth is created and what you can personally do to increase your own wealth with simple tools.  Know the difference between hard assets and paper (or electronic) money.  Learn how to change your thinking to an abundance mentality.  We will take a brief look at mortgages in America, and how another country saves their citizens hundreds of thousands by law, and how you can do that in America.  You will walk away from this class knowing more, and will begin to create a plan for your family.

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