What Kids Need to Know about the Social Media Age

The future will have Social Media integrated into our lives in the same way electricity is integrated into our world. And though most of us utilize a portion of Social Media there is little understanding of its actual functions beyond our own use. Join us to understand the uses and abuses of the vast Social Media universe. This important presentation will focus on 3 main topics:

More about Pat Hade:

Pat Hade

Pat Hade’s business works with youth sports and educational organizations to form their presence in the digital world, so her team sees hundreds of thousands of posts, tweets, searches and images from students every month. In addition to writing and presenting about using and abusing Social Media and the Internet she collaborates with Virtual Safety Monitoring entities to develop educational content for parents and students.

Her book, Social Media for the High School Athlete, has become a staple in the youth sports community and both Teaching Social Media and a new educational series on Social Media are slated for publication in the spring of 2016. Hade’s work has been featured in numerous publications, media and blogs including USAToday

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robin fusiak says

T his course really opened my eyes about the importance of social media! I now view it much differently and will be sure to introduce my daughter to social when she is 13. I realized that it is not something to hide from kids as they will be using it at some point and need to be safe. Valuable information for all parents. There were also many technical helps here as I am not computer savvy. Really important course! Thank you.

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