Why Do Today’s Students Need Computer Science?

Join Chris Yust, President of CompuScholar and a long-time software engineer, as he describes the importance of Computer Science in your homeschool schedule. Find out how you can turn computer "play" time into a productive and rewarding learning experience. Your kids can learn to code, create websites, games, and more - no teacher expertise required. We'll also talk about today's software job market and discuss the computer skills your child needs to land a high-paying software job.

More about Chris Yust:

Chris Yust

Chris Yust is a 17-year veteran of the software industry and a father of two homeschooled boys.  Chris and his wife Andrea are co-authors of eight computer programming textbooks for kids and teens.  They believe today’s students deserve fun, engaging opportunities to learn cutting-edge technical subjects – even if their parents aren’t comfortable teaching the material on their own!  Chris frequently speaks at homeschool conventions, motivating students to consider a Computer Science career.  You can learn more about computer programming courses at www.HomeschoolProgramming.com

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