Words with Friends

Vocabulary Builder Tip:

This past month in the Facebook feeds, there's a photo circulating of a family Christmas postcard where all the members of the family are looking down and texting at their cell phones instead of smiling at the camera.  All you see is the top of their heads.  Of course, the photo is meant to "relate" and be humorous.

Are your kids hooked on technology? Rather than fight the battle for a glimpse of their eyes, why not implement lessons using the very technology they love?

I'm not someone who plays games on Facebook, I never have time nor do I want to get hooked.  But there is one app that I installed on my android phone that I absolutely love – it's called Words with Friends (by Zynga).  There's lots of Youtube videos explaining what an "app" is – so I'm not going to hit on that in this post.

I did not download Words with Friends from Facebook, something about clicking on Facebook games still scares me (hackers abound in that realm).  Instead, I downloaded it from the apps marketplace and then connected it to my Facebook account. 

Basically, Words with Friends is a scrabble game.  You can choose to play with your friends (connecting through a variety of social networks and email hosts) or you can play with random strangers (not my choice, but some people don't mind).  All the points are the same as Scrabble.  After you submit each word, there's an ad that pops up, but you can get away from it rather quickly. 

The fun thing about Words with Friends is that you can try different scenarios and if it's not a word, the app will let you know.  So many words I didn't even know existed!  One way to implement this into a vocabulary lesson is to have your child look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary and gain an understanding of the definition.  Words such as "Za" and "Qi" are actually worth a lot of points if played strategically!

If you have a hand held device that has the capability to download apps, Words with Friends is a great way to get your kids thinking about words all day.  Have fun and happy wording!


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